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About Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) Travel Information

Kanyakumari is a town located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It is the southernmost tip of India and the Indian subcontinent, and is surrounded by the seas of 3 sides, the Arabian sea on the east, the Indian ocean ahead and the Bay of Bengal on the west.

(A small note: People sometimes ask 'kanyakumari is in which state? as they get confused whether its in Kerala or Tamil Nadu, which are both southern-most states of India. Kanyakumari district was earlier a part of Kerala, but was later merged into Tamil Nadu and now belongs to Tamil Nadu state)

Kanyakumari is a famous tourist destination most noted for its beautiful sunrise and sunset and the 'Sangam' that is the confluence of the 3 seas.

The major attractions for tourists visiting Kanyakumari are the Swami Vivekananda rock memorial, the 133 ft. statue of Tamil saint and poet, Thiruvalluvar, and the Kanyakumari and Suchindram temples located in the vicinity.

Tourist Attractions in Kanyakumari
There are various tourist attractions in Kanyakumari. The main tourist attractions in Kanyakumari are the temple of the virgin goddess Kanyakumari or the Kumari Amman Temple and the Swami Vivekanda rock memorial. Various other places in Kanyakumari are the Gandhi memorial and the Suchindram temple.

Kanyakumari Temple
The Kanyakumari temple or the Kumari Amman Temple is one of the ancient temple which is located on the shoreline in Kanyakumari. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Parvati who appeared in Kanyakumari as the Kanya Devi, the virgin goddess. This temple and the adjoining ghat attracts tourist from all over the world. The diamond nose ring of the deity is famous for its sparkling splendor which is said to be visible even from the sea. Non Hindus are not allowed to enter into the temple. More....

Swami Vivekanda Rock Memorial
Swami Vivekanda Rock Memorial is situated on a little rocky island just off the coast, about 500 meters away from mainland. This memorial stands on one of two rocks separated by about 70 meters. This memorial belongs to Swami Vivekananda, the great Indian philosopher and was built in 1970. In 1892 he sat here in deep meditation on the rock, where this memorial is located now. There is a dhyana mandapam where one can sit in a serene atmosphere and meditate. The design of the mandapa incorporates different styles of temple architecture from all over India. It houses a statue of Vivekananda. On the island one can also see the Shri Pada Parai, the footprints of Kanyakumari, the virgin goddess. To reach the memorial one has to hire the ferry services. A memorial has also been recently built which is dedicated to Tiruvalluvar, the author of the philosophical work Tirukkural.

Swami Vivekanda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari
Gandhi Memorial

The Gandhi Memorial is located at the place where the urn containing the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi was kept for public view before a portion of its contents were immersed in the three seas. This memorial resembles an Oriyan temple. This temple is designed in such a way that on 2nd October, his birthday, the sun’s rays fall directly on the spot where his ashes were kept.

Padmanabhapuram Palace : Padmanabhapuram Palace is a large mansion of the Travancore Kings. It is known for its fascinating natural splendor.

Vattakottai (6 km) : Vattakottai is an 18 century circular fort located on the beach. It is a popular picnic spot which is located six kms. from Kanyakumari.

Udayagiri Fort (34 km)
The Udayagiri fort is located about 34 kms from Kanyakumari. This fort was built by King Marthanda Varma (1729-1758 AD). This fort has a foundry for casting guns. The king's trusted European general De Lennoy's grave is also located within this fort.

Akkay Aruvi Water falls (33 kms.) : The beautiful falls are located 14 kms. From Nagercoil. There is also a small shrine associated with saint Agasthiar, which attracts a large number of devotees on the full moon day of Chithirai (Apr.-May).

Tiruchendur (85 km) : In Tiruchendur the beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya is located. This temple is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya. This temple draws various devotees from all over India.

Kumarakovil (34 kms.) : The beautiful Lord Muruga Temple here is set on a 200 feet high hillock. It also enshrines image of Goddess Valli, the spouse of Lord Subramaniya or Muruga.

Udayagiri Fort (34 kms.) : This 18th century fort 14 kms. From Nagercoil was built by king Marthanda Varma. The grave of the Dutch Gen. Del Lennoy, one of the most trusted generals of the king, lies within the fort.

Suchindram (13 kms.) : Suchindram is located about 13 kms from Kanyakumari and bears the imprint of various kingdoms. The Thanumalayan temple in Suchindram is a repository of art treasures belonging to those kingdoms. This temple is famous for the beautiful gopuram, the musical pillars and the impressive 6 m tall statue of the monkey god, Hanuman. The main deity in this temple is in the fom of a Shivlinga which is the representation of the combined forces of Siva, Vishnu and Brahma. It is one of the few temples in the country where the three trinities are worshipped together.

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