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About Kovalam (Kerala) Travel Information

Kovalam, the enchanting tropical beach of Kerala holds a cult status in the touristitineraries of Kerala. An erstwhile fishing hamlet, which was a favorite haunt of the hippies in the seventies, Kovalam has perfectly evolved to be world class beach destination today.

Kovalam Beach is the internationally renowned beach in Kerala. This beach is located about 16 kms from Trivandrum and has been a favorite tourist place since 1930. Kovalam consists of three adjacent crescent shaped and palm fringed beaches. The southernmost beach is known as the Lighthouse beach and is the most popular beach. The Lighthouse beach and Hawah beach are separated from less populated beaches north and south by rocky highlands. The town proper is at Kovalam Junction, about 1.5 kms. from the beaches. Accommodation of every type and to suit every type of budget is available here. The beaches are visited for sunbathing, water sports, shopping, catamaran cruising, yoga, meditation and rejuvenative Ayurvedic body toning massages.Kovalam, the enchanting tropical beach of Kerala holds a cult status in the tourist itineraries of Kerala. An erstwhile fishing hamlet, which was a favorite haunt of the hippies in the seventies, Kovalam has perfectly evolved to be world class beach destination today.

The Lighthouse
The renowned lighthouse building is also located on a local hillock known as local Kurumkal area, which is near to the sea. However, the southeast end of the renowned Kovalam seaside is known as after this mountain house. However, the lighthouse is only thirty-five gauge high framework that is colored with red and white color that is quickly noticeable from a long-distance. However, it is open to guests and provides amazing opinions of the lighthouse seaside, during Eve's seaside and its environment. The renowned lighthouse street is a practical location for riding a bike and walking. It is one of the best kovalam beach tourist attractions.

Karamana Stream and Boating
The renowned Karamana Stream passes across the road at local Thiruvallam area, around 12 miles far from famous Kovalam town. The position provides spectacular opinions of the backwater and plants. But The renowned Thiruvallam vessel club, also located on the right bank of the stream provides cruise trips, local kayak trips, windsurfing and houseboat cruise trips hence you can discover various places to visit near kovalam beach .

Vellayani Lake
The position is also located seven miles far from renowned Kovalam area. However, there are various vessel services available from renowned Kovalam. However, it is still one of the few water ponds in state Kerala. It looks wonderful in the moonlight. The renowned Vellayani Pond is the location of well-known yearly vessel competition structured during local Onam event. The renowned Vellayani Durga sacred Forehead is located just near to the lake; the specialized of this temple is that it allows only sacred non-Brahmin monks. That why it is considered as one of the popular kovalam beach tourist attractions.

Valiyathura Pier
The renowned Valiyathura Pier is greatly located around ten miles away from famous Kovalam. Area The shoreline of this area up to local Kovalam area is noticeable from this connect. The renowned Valiyathura indicates highly Big Port. However, there is another slot in this area known as renowned Cheriyathura, but indicates very small port area. This position provides excellent opinions of the establishing sun and sea. In addition, Fishing is the significant activity here.

The renowned Edakallu is the popular sundown watching point that may be found between the famous Lighthouse Beach and renowned Eve's Beach. However, it gives you wonderful perspective of the red and lemon sun establishing in the skyline with amazing new styles in the sky. However, it is one of the best places to perspective the sundown in renowned Kovalam and the best position to catch the images of different styles of the wonderful sky. This is the reason; it lies among the best places to visit near kovalam beach.

Kovalam Art Gallery
The renowned Kovalam collection in town of Kovalam shows relics, traditional artwork and art works. The artwork in this collection involves historical Native Indian artwork related to the Sanskrit lifestyle. European countries, European performers, and art fans are the significant guests in this collection even though there are other guests also.

Thiruvallam Parashurama Temple
The renowned Thiruvallam Parashurama sacred temple is greatly located around 12 miles from famous Kovalam area. However, it is one of the significant sacred Hindu shrines, in Native Indian. It is considered that this temple is total 2000 years old and is great situating at the local banks of famous Karamana Stream. However, the unique temple is devoted to lord Parashuramaji. It is one of the very famous kovalam beach tourist attractions.

Vizhinjam Stone Cut Cavern Temple
The renowned Vizhinjam Stone Cut local Cavern sacred Forehead contains the rock cut statues of around 18-th millennium. The sacred temple is devoted to Goddess Vinandhara Dakshinamurthiji. However, the incomplete statues of Master Shiva as well as Parvathyji are also significant locations in this position. It is considered the best places to visit near kovalam beach.

Aruvikkara Dam
The popular Aruvikkara dam area is located only ten miles from famous Kovalam town. The dam is a wonderful eats outside spot on the shoreline of renowned Karamana Stream. The Devi Durgaji temple and aquarium are the main locations. Ancient Aruvikkara dam provides water to the capital. The position is readily available by street. Hence, it lays among the best kovalam beach tourist attractions.

Varkala / Papanasham Beach
The famous Varkala beach area is located just near to famous Kovalam area. The significant holiday locations include seaside, famous Sivagiri monastery and around 2000-year-old Hindu Janardhana sacred temple. However, it is an important Hindu pilgrimage location.

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