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About Sonamarg (J & K) Travel Information

Sonamarg is one of the supreme striking cities in Jammu and Kashmir. It is identified as Kashmiri Venice. Sonamarg TourismThe best widespread item about Sonamarg is Thajiwas Glacier, Things to do in Sonamarg, Places around Sonamarg, Places to visit in Sonamarg etc. Sonamarg is also famous for Lakes and River. The existence of lakes for example Gadsar, Krishnasar, Satsar, and Gangabal enrich the picturesque prettiness of the place, which are also widespread traveller fascination. Gadsar Lake is positioned about 15 km from Sonamarg and is bounded by stunning snow roofed peaks and alpine flowers. In winters, tourists can revel in the vision of ice-covered Satsar Lake and Bataan Lake, which are positioned in the locality of this lake. Trekking and White water rafting are must doing things in Sonamarg

Attraction and Trekking
Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg :
Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg is one of the most widespread dumpy treads from Sonamarg and a main Sonamarg Tourist Attractions throughout the summer months. Thajiwas Glacier SonamargSnow sickly-looking Thajiwas Mountain appeared over Sonamarg, and so illustrated its magic. Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg is positioned approximately 4-km route from Sonamarg town, a trivial chasm at the base of the Sonamarg glacier. It would not be erroneous to consider it to be amongst the best available glaciers as one can effortlessly walk to its shameful or reach there by rented horses. Thajiwas Glacier is only half an hour walk from Sonamarg city. Route pointers up to the Shakhdar hill, overseeing the glacier from the northeast. It is treacherous to scramble the precipitous hill foremost up to the glacier. The small uplands, snowfields, pines and islands increase to the charisma of Thajiwas Tourist Attactions. Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg Attractions is a small and exciting saunter from Sonamarg in Jammu Kashmir. Throughout daytime one can take the 3-mile pony ride west, then south, to the Thajiwas glacier.

Krishnasar Lake Sonmarg :
The Krishnasar Lake Sonmarg is an hilly high altitude oligotrophic lake positioned in the locality of Sonamarg less than 1 Kms from Vishansar Lake north westwards at an altitude of 3710 meters. It has a supreme stretch of 0.95 kilometers and determined width of 0.6 kilometers. There will see explorers from all over the state coming here and appreciating themselves. Krishnasar Lake SonmargMost of them will be involved in Trout fishing which has created this lake a famed outing spot. Krishnasar Lake Sonmarg meaning in Hindi is " the lake of Krishna ". It is residence to numerous sorts of fishes amid of which are the brown trout. Tourist Attactions Krishnasar Lake freezes in winter, and is unreachable throughout this season because of heavyweight flurry. It is bounded by olive lavish pastures and appeals local shepherds who pickle their masses of sheep and goat in summer.

Vishansar Lake Sonamarg :
Vishansar Lake Sonamarg Attractions in Pahari means the lake of Vishnu is house of numerous varieties of fishes amongst of which is the brown trout. Vishansar Lake is one of the lakes to be found in Sonamarg that can be stay in during the months of April terminated June. It is reachable from the Nichinai Pass, added Sonamarg Tourist Attractions positioned at a height of 4,084 meter. Vishansar Lake Sonamarg freezes in winter. Throughout the summer season, the lake is encircled by emerald swanky pastures where native guides lesion their droves of sheep and goat.

The Vishansar Lake Sonamarg with its charming prettiness, snow protected peaks and their valleys occupied with small glaciers and the fields nearby, with mountain floras is magnetism for the trekkers in the Kashmir Valley. It is nourished by the Krishnasar Lake and glaciers. The Vishansar Lake is the foundation of Neelum River which streams northwards up to Baobab and then westwards over Gurais beside the Line of Control. Sonmarg Attractions Gadsar Lake places approximately 9 km in west junction Gadsar Pass. The best period to stopover Tourist Attactions Vishansar Lake Sonamarg is in the month of June to September. A excessive height lake, it can be reached via trekking or pony ride.

Gangabal Lake Sonamarg :
Gangabal Lake Sonamarg is measured as one of the bases of the River Jhelum. It is placed at an elevation of 3,570 meter on the Harmukh Mountain and is normally recognized as the Harmukh Ganga. The foremost Sonmarg Attractions is the annual impartial prearranged in the 3rd week of August. This location is restrained hallowed amid the Kashmiri Hindus. The Gangabal Lake Sonamarg is perfect for fishing, in the intermediate of the months of March and October.

Nilagrad Sonamarg :
Midst the several Sonamarg Tourist Attraction worth staying is the River Nilagrad Sonamarg. Nilagrad Sonamarg is 6 km away from Sonamarg, is the location where union of a mountain river and Indus river takes place. River Nilagrad Sonamarg is prevalent because of its rose-colored water. As per a public faith, the red-water of Nilagrad River is identified to have health-giving therapeutic stuffs. Hence, Sonamarg Hotel people and locale People come each Sunday here, in huge amounts to bathe in the river. The river extra combines with the Indus River at the Baltic Gathering. The Nilagrad Sonamarg Tourist Attractions area is surrounded by further lakes and attractive pastures and thus is a perfect end for family outings.

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