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Are you satisfied with your current marketing efforts to generate more leads for your travel services?

We offer simple flat rate pricing per lead as well as specific account filter customization of consumer criteria for your desired travel leads and vacation leads.Travel agents across the country are becoming increasingly competitive every year in the advertising efforts and Tourist Talk can help your company compete for clients with travel leads. Everyday, interested consumers visit our internet pages requesting pricing and availability information for their future vacation and travel plans, this is an excellent opportunity for a travel agent to win over a new client. Don’t underestimate the power of professional internet marketing and travel leads. In today’s competitive and crowded travel industry, we can help connect you to potential travelers and vacation goers.The business of travel and vacation planning represents one of the largest demographics of web search and potential client acquisition opportunity for travel agencies and vacation destination services.
Interested Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Local Guides can now buy leads from interested travelers. Each lead is from an interested traveler and includes an email, phone, number of people in group and any other special requirements. Tourist Talk generates leads come from Tourist Talk members, online campaigns . Tour Package enquiry and weekly email promotions. If you want to take advantage of this service you must already have signed up and have a free account with Tourist Talk. We will extend a free trail to qualified members who want to test our system before buying

(Request an Invite).


My Lead keep track of all your Job information provide by us in one easy to use location. Let login to see the status on their jobs . you can search all lead as per Location /languge/Tour Type/Traveller type /date and many more ways......
online leads for travel agency at affordable prices available throughout the year.Searching how to gain or increase access to Travel Leads but you are unsure of where to start? If you feel that you are not capable to hold this big obligation on your own, a professional choice such as free online travel leads may be the more appropriate outcome for handling all of your necessities. Here is everything that you need to know about using our service for lead generation.
1. Get Leads Find Out Who Are Looking You : All the tourist or tour group you want for as long as you want without paying a cut of your fees to us. Part-time or full-time, Group or in-person, Delhi or Bodhgaya, Heritage or culture - whatever may be your preference, 40,000+ leads generated every month Get targeted leads and phone calls Instant connect via API, SMS/Email alerts
4-Once you have genuine and transparent travel leads, you can easily pitch your package to your travelers and convert these leads into successful sales. Call verified Travel Leads are of great use to improvise your sales strategies and generate higher business.
5-you can easily pitch your package to your travellers and convert these leads into successful sales. Call verified Travel Leads are of great use to improvise your sales strategies and generate higher business.
6-Easy to Use Dashboard Agents benefit from traveler dashboard (CRM) where they manage numerous leads. Tracking leads was never so easy!
7-Higher conversion % on Zero Investment We generate leads from premium channels like Google Adwords, referral, etc. Also, our system filters out 50% low quality leads to ensure high conversion %.. Tourist Guides Have app with daily visitor 40 k. When they are in roam ask about New Tour Plan .
8-How can you Get Lead We provide you the agent who will arrange their tour with their need itinerary, luxury and comfort. Therefore, they fill-up the enquiry form that consists of their travel plan details and we will verify those details before passing to our respective agents. This enquiry is generated as a travel lead on TouristGuides App/Webpage. The Travel enquiry is then instantly visible on My Lead Section under your Account DeshBoard . you can Check Deatil and travel Plan of tourist . if you think you can do this job Click on buy Button respective lead point Deducted from your wallet . (you can Recharge your wallet any time ) . once Lead point Deducted you can get contact detail of traveller
9-Make The Deal Travellers directly contact you and request your services No Commission all the tourist or tour group you want for as long as you want without paying a cut of your fees to us.
Get LeadsGet Leads

Why into Tourist Talk Travel Lead?

You create great Tour Pack , We provide lead for you.
  • Buy Credits

    Use credits to access leads from interested travellers.

  • Choose Leads

    Buy only the leads that interest you. See all the details except contact information before you buy.

  • Make Bookings

    Put your sales skills to work. Follow-up with leads and make sales!

  • Extra Gigs


What Makes Us Different?

Get credit Point in your account PAY PER USE

After loging into your membership account, click on BUY Credit Point link . Enter the amount or Package you wish to pay then click on �Proceed to Pay� button. You will be taken to our online payment section. Other payment options are also available which can be read here. 
Each trip request has a limit of maximum 5 responses. So be sure to get your proposal in early!
Ensure that you are a good fit, and submit a detailed proposal, personalized to the travel request.
An outstanding profile will attract more travellers to your services. Keep the reviews coming, and make sure your information is upto date.

A) Lead Point

to be used for buy travel lead Example if you have 5000 Lead Point in your My Account Wallet you can buy Lead Under My Lead Section All Lead Have thier own Lead Point once you Buy travel Lead Point value Instantly Deduction from your Lead Point Wallet

B) Affiliate Point

Extra odinery tool use by all company like amazone . ebay , godaddy , 
Affilates Networks :What we give to our Affilates ,
you refer someone to our services and when that person signup or and the services based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. 
This adds nither cost to you nore your Affliate link user. Afflite commission flow by company so company services/product cost remain same for Buyers. Unique Affiliate Program More Your Refer Transaction Higher Rate Of Affiliate Commission .

Make Money :Use TouristGuides Affiliate!

Drive traffic from your website / mobile site / mobile apps to Tourist Guides Services Like singup Tour activities or reviews and earn commission on every Activities.

Who uses Tourist Guides Affiliate?

Any One Can Use Who Like Services and tourist Guides Process . 

Affiliate Reports:

Our real-time Reports provide extensive data about the activity of your links, conversions & performance across all categories that empower you to Get Your Hard Work Result. How Can You Populate or advertise your Affilate Links for More Conversion Read Blog ..
How can i get my afflite link sinple log into your account At desh board as well under navigation Button my Referance History (My Profile section )
Copy and send where you want to place like website , facebook page or blog ect....
You can redeem your afflite point or commission by cash back or use into any services listed at website .

C) Like Point

our Digital marketer partner populate your profile over social media and collect Like point for you. That is value of like point is your next future client .

D) Validity

Date of your Credit Package. Example if you buy credit package on 1june 2017 and validty of your choice pack is 90 Days Means before 30th august 2017 you can use it otherwise your lead point exhausted . Dont worry if you don�t use with reasone our care team one time update validity days as per your pack validity .you can redeem your lead point any time into cash


We are Trusted by 60+ Travel Agents in India. We are continuously growing by trust.

Verified Leads

These leads are first verified by us, and each fake leads are filtered before you get it.

Guarnteed Exclusive

These leads are not shared with anybody, which makes it more easier to convert.

Higher Conversion

Boost your sales with our high quality verified travel leads. grow your business now.


How Travel Lead works

Step1 extensive marketing targets interested consumers actively looking for your service.

Step2Online shoppers land on one of our sites and decide to fill out a simple quote request form.

Step3Our proprietary lead generation system validates every submitted lead in real time.

Step4Based on your targeted criteria, consumer-driven, non-incentivized leads are delivered to you fresh, and ready.


Tourist Talk Credits or/and lead Point

Travel Providers can access the lead data by prepaying for credits. Credits or lead point can be used to unlock email and client phone numbers. Each Travel Enquiry or tour Lead point or/and credit are Related to Post travel plan by tourist . BEFORE USE LEAD POINT READ TOUR PLAN CAREFULLY
Before buying you are able to see the following basic information pertaining to the lead.

Once the lead is purchased or unlocked, you will be able to see the following additional information

Shared vs. Exclusive Leads

We offer both shared and exclusive leads. In the case of Exclusive leads once purchased it will no longer be available for sale on the system.

EXAMPLE --------

Shared Upto 10 Agents


Domestic Lead

5 Credits

15 Credits

Out Bond Lead

5 Credits

15 Credits

What happens once a lead is purchased?

Once a lead is purchased the traveler who made the lead will get a notification from Tourist Talk that you have purchased the lead. We provide the traveler with details of your company based on your Tourist Talk profile. We do this so that the traveler wont be surprised when you follow up via email or on the phone.
What happens to the un-purchased leads?
After 24 hours Tourist Talk pass on the un-purchased leads to external suppliers so that the travelers will be served.
How am I doing? Reviews and Feedback from Travelers
Once a lead is purchased we send an email to the traveler to rate the feedback of the travel provider after 48 hours. We forward this feedback from the traveler to you so that you may improve your service. There is provision for the traveler to refer the travel agent after the completion of the tour. We may in the future publish the reviews from travelers on the website.
Are Leads Refundable?
Credits used to purchase the lead are not refundable or reversible unless and until the lead is found to be Junk. If a lead has invalid details you can easily flag and we will review the details on a case-by-case basis. We will return the credit to your account if the lead is invalid.

Tourist Talk Refund Policy
Tourist Talk offers a 100% guarantee on every lead that you buy so you can have full confidence that every lead purchased is a genuine lead from a real traveler. Leads are considered valid if you can reach the customer and they are interested in travelling to the destination. If the customer books with someone else or changes plans at some future date we consider it a valid lead. We cannot guarantee that potential travelers will be interested in your offer or respond positively. Please review the details of the policy carefully.

Refundable Leads

Not Refundable

Additional Guidelines for Refund Lead Point

How can I learn about new leads? Lead Alerts
Travel providers can setup the lead alert so whenever the new lead becomes available for sale they can get a notification. The alert can be set for the particular destination and can be set to either instant or daily for e.g.

The notification can be instant or daily and can be editable. for e.g.  If you do not want to get notified on weekend just set the notification to none in "My Alert" section of the lead module on Friday evening.

Lead Follow-up Notes

Tourist Talk allows you to add follow-up notes to the leads you have purchased. Adding follow-up notes is optional but allows for easy record keeping and coordination between employees if more than one person logs into your Tourist Talk account. You can set follow-up time and receive notifications as well for e.g.
You called the customer and they said I am busy call me at 3 PM in afternoon. You can then setup the follow-up note with the time and Tourist Talk will automatically send you the email and SMS on our email and phone number before 15 min of the next follow-up time.

Lead Status

You have the optional option to update the status of any of your purchased leads for easy record keeping. Leads can be marked with any of the following statuses;

Flagging Leads as Positive or Negative Travel providers can marked the purchased lead as positive or negative for easily referencing in future. Marking Leads as Junk If you identified the purchased lead has incorrect phone number or email address you can mark the lead as Junk. Tourist Talk Team will examine the lead and once the information is verified will reverse the equivalent credit points. We are 100% transparent with the customer and do not charge if something is really not good.

Credit or/and Lead point Purchase

The credit can be purchased online or offline based on your preferences. Travel agent can buy the lead in bulk starting from Credit package mention in My account section. If you already subscribed to one of our subscription listed at Business Promotional Packages you may get the additional credits for free based on your subscription level . Visit Offer Page
If you Opt Offline Payment (Bank transfer or/and third party promo code ) Once you initiate the Wire Transfer please create a Support Request under the "Billing: Funds Remittance" category. Please add details of the Wire Transfer, including Username, your Company Name, Date of Transfer, Originating Bank, Transferred Amount, and your Bank Account Number. One working day for Reconcile Bank statement , once our Billing Team approved lead point allocate and available for use .
Please feel free to email us for any question and queries at Billing Team, we will be happy to assist you.

How to get Refund on a Purchased Lead

Credits used to purchase the lead are not refundable or reversible unless and until the lead is found to be Junk. If you identified the purchased lead has incorrect phone number or email address you can mark the lead as Junk. Tourist Talk will examine the lead and once the information is verified will reverse the equivalent credit points. Step 1 – After buying a lead you go to Credit History page of lead to check the details Step 2. Click on Refund , Fill all Details and submit Step 3. Our Back Office Process Team will evaluate your request and process accordingly as per Refund Policy (Must Read Lead Refund Guideline ) Step 4. Once our Team (7 working days or/and after travellers traveling date expire  ) approved same value of Lead Point Redeem  to your account . Mail of confirmation will send to you at your Registered email id with us .once lead refund process done lead point added into your wallet .you can check available lead point . if Lead point allocate on offer Basis do not apply for Refund . Lead point associate with Reference point validity and Likes . all associate Stuff  are remain unchanged .

What Happened when Tourist Remove or cancel Trip If Tourist Remove or cancel Trip without Booking Our Sytem will automatically add Lead Point if you already buy and it will visible at your my Increment/Decrement Lead Status . As same if any reason Our Process Team CENCEL or MARK AS REVIEW   lead Point automatic added into your account
Report Complain

If you think any thing happen not seem legitimate Report Us On Urgent basis .

Why should my agency join this service? 
Tourist Talk gives you the opportunity to provide quotes on specific Tour Enquiry  to thousands of experienced, sophisticated travellers  who have already done their homework: they know exactly what they wish to book. Tourist talk  allows you to reach these travellers  with your pricing information while investing a minimal amount of staff time. The benefits include: 

Don't let the Internet take your agency out of the picture. Use it to capture that portion of the market that is ready to buy right now--at the right price.


NOTE: The Tourist Talk Back Office Team reserve the right to reject any Travel Lead or addon gigs include Tour Package List at Market Place by Travel Agent without ever consent it.

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