Corporate Social Responsibility



12 Dec, 2018 11:21 am
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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR should not only rephrased Corporate Social Responsibility but also as Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

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Western Oldest City

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CSR and Travel
The Growing Importance of Climate Change

Travelling places a large carbon footprint on the world. Being a part of the Travel Industry, not only should we be more environmentally sustainable in order to play our role in the fight against climate change, but we also want conscious individuals to continue to travel. We don’t want guilt overriding their desire to travel.We must be equally as responsible.

The International Influence:

People from all over the world travel to places all around the world. We have the capacity to influence our customers to be equally as conscious.

The International Advantage

Being in tourism, we have the advantage of having international support, while many local charities do not. By adopting a CSR program which helps a local charity, creating awareness to your international clientele will already make a drastic difference

Pay it Forward

As both human beings and workers in the Travel industry, it’s important to back to those in need. Donations are a great way to do so.

The Conscious Traveller

Most travellers are well aware about the issues occurring in the world due to their global education. Travellers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, appreciate business that are socially responsible, and will choose companies who do play their role in society over those who don’t.

Company Morale

Coworkers involved in good work together, stay together. Feeling like your doing something good for the world with others  Great bonding experience Better coworker chemistry Improves the office atmosphere Happier mood  Better work practices.

Capicity Building

The Company may build CSR capacities of its own personnel by training its staff to think strategically about how and where the money is being spent, as well as how to effectively manage other organizations through which or in collaboration with which the Company undertakes/ or may undertake CSR activities


While we will endeavour to achieve our larger objective of community empowerment, our primary focus will be Promotion of Education, health care, empowering women, helping orphans and senior citizens and technology incubators.


At least 2% (two per cent) in every financial year, of the average net profits of the company made during the three immediately preceding financial years, shall form the Funds available for implementation of CSR projects.

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